Puppies In The Arms of Angels

What has Sarah McLachlan been doing since Lilith Fair ended? I mean, besides raking in royalty checks from high schools pumping “I Will Remember You” through the intercom for graduation ceremonies? Not too much besides showing up in random deep house remix records, really. But here she is, inexplicably back in the public eye as the big name celeb supporting the ASPCA in its new sad puppies ad campaign promoting the adoption of abused animals. A typical reaction to this commercial: “How many times have I seen this ad and cried since Sunday? Seven times.” The ASPCA uses guilt and cuddliness to an excruciatingly precise effect in order to put across their message that love can trump allergens. Props. Unfortunately, the gravity of the downtrodden animal images is more or less ruined by the creepy Dr. Claw way in which Ms. McLachlan pets her dog…



2 responses to “Puppies In The Arms of Angels

  1. I would just like to clarify a couple of things – firstly, Ms. McLachlan does not receive royalties from songs like ‘Angel’ and ‘I Will Remember You’ because she has willingly given up those rights so that people can use her songs in different situations. She has also released 2 successful CDs (‘Afterglow’ and ‘Wintersong’) and has given her time and talents to many charitable organizations – one being the ASPCA (as well as the BCSPCA in her home province).
    At least she’s not always in the news for having a mental breakdown and being hospitalized while losing custody of her kids. She’s a celebrity whose lead more people should try and follow.

  2. Whatever. Firstly Britney is a shining star, and a far better person than Sarah McLachlan. Secondly, have you heard her new album! OMG!

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