I Owe Vince Gill Daps

I didn’t expect to watch the Grammy Awards last night, perhaps just flip to it a few times in curiosity. Two hours later, I had to admit I was pretty engrossed. Maybe it was just nice to see an actual award show, and not tabloid TV show correspondents telling me who won and then attempting (and failing) to comment either intellectually or humorously. Or maybe it was Tina Turner showing that Damn, she’s still got it. Beyonce seemed like she was just trying to keep up with her.

As we came to Best Rap Album of the Year, I had a feeling that Kanye was going to win. Truth be told, Graduation was the best album of the nominees, so I assumed he was going to get up and give some cocky-ass acceptance speech. Sure enough, he did.

“It definitely feels good to be home at the Grammys…” he starts off saying. Home, eh? “We snuck in about four or five years ago, and now we basically made this our new place of residence.” What?? No audience response–except for possibly a guy buried in the bleachers, or just some mild audio feedback.

He goes on to say, “A lot of people said hip-hop is dead, not just Nas, but a lot of people just said that the art form wasn’t poppin like that anymore, you know. I wanted to cross the genres and show people how can still express ourselves with something fresh and new, and I think that’s what hip-hop has always been out, coming out with new sounds and stuff…” Some applause. Okay, I feel that, Kanye–but then he exclaims, “I always told Common, like ‘Man, you gotta time the album out better. You can’t drop one the same year as me.’ You gotta…This is my award.” What the deuce? He really just said that, didn’t he.

Then the music started, to which I chuckled, thinking the director was indicating, Okay, moving right along… “C’mon, you’re going to play the music on me?” Kayne asks, before continuing with, “For Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse, if I don’t get to get up here for Album of the Year, you deserve it just as much as me. I deserve it too.” Cut to Mark Ronson in the audience, smiling and raising his hand in acknowledgment (even though Herbie Hancock later pulled off the Grammy).

The music continued to play as Kanye says, “And just to say something about my mother, I appreciate all of the support. I appreciate all of the prayers–it would be in good taste to stop the music there,” and BAM, within three seconds the hurry-along march was silenced to a thunderous applause. “I appreciate everything, and I know you’re really proud of me right now, and I know you wouldn’t want me to stop, and you’d want me to be the number one artist in the world, and all I’m going to do is keep making you proud.” He hoists his Grammy in the air and ends with, “We run this.”

Yes Kanye, you are one of the best hip-hop producers out there, but would it kill you to show a little humility?

I was thinking about changing the channel later in the evening when Ringo Starr presented the award for Best Country Album of the Year to Vince Gill. A little shocked, Gill walked on stage and accepted his Grammy. “I just got an award given to me by a Beatle,” prompting an audience chuckle. He then casually turns to the left and says, “Have you had that happen yet, Kanye?”

YES! Hysterical. One day, I hope to give Vince Gill daps for that.

And then Amy Winehouse found five dollars. And by dollars, I mean Grammys. The end.


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