Barack Force Ones

 barack1.jpg barack21.jpg


  • Topic of Discussion (yes, I was a fifth grade teacher in another life) :

 If Hil-bag and McCain had their own shoes, what would they look like? (photo courtesy of Barack Obama’s Campaign 


6 responses to “Barack Force Ones

  1. I think Nelly needs “two purr”

  2. Vessie Bradley

    I would very much like to buy a pair of the Barack Force Ones Tennis Shoes. How much and where can they be found.

  3. i really want a pair please send my an email to
    on how i can get a pari plez and thanks

  4. i would like to cop us a pair where can we get them

  5. Theresa McCreary

    Where can I buy a pair of this shoes?

  6. email me how to get thesse asap please !!

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