Ricky’s “LOST” Weekly – 05/30/08

Conributed by Ricky L. Escoto – consultant and “LOST” expert extraordinaire:

“There’s No Place Like Home: Parts 2 & 3” – 05/29/08
LOCKE!!! It’s LOCKE! Locke is in the f**king coffin! OMFG! As all of us had been hypothesizing for a year as to whom was in that bloody coffin, it was so satisfying to finally get the reveal. OMG, I was ready to strangle somebody when they gave us the little pre/mini “reveal” that “Jeremy Bentham” was the man in the coffin, I was like, “Who the f**k is Jeremy Bentham!?!?! Luckily for us the reveal at the end totally paid off. Frankly, that alone made the whole finale for me. By the way, I have yet to figure out what “Jeremy Bentham” could be an anagram for but according to Wikipedia: he was an English jurist, philosopher, and legal and social reformer. He was a political radical and a leading theorist in Anglo-American philosophy of law. He is best known for his advocacy of utilitarianism, the movement spawning socialism, for the concept of animal rights, as an advocate for individual/economic freedoms, the separation of church and state, equal rights for women, the end of slavery and the decriminalization of homosexuality, as well as his opposition to the idea of natural rights, with his oft-quoted statement that the idea of such rights is “nonsense upon stilts.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeremy_Bentham).

Oh and visit
http://youtube.com/watch?v=DWWMYFAycmQ to watch the two alternate endings that they teased last night which aired on Good Morning America this morning (which, I am sure, will spawn never-ending late-night spoof sketches with many a notable face in the coffin, i.e., President Bush, Scott McLellan, maybe Hillary?). You’ll see two people I think everyone had tossed around at one point or another, Sawyer and Desmond, as possible bodies filling the coffin, which they just filmed in case it leaked out ahead of time so that no one would know (as has been done in the past with other series finales, like ”Seinfeld”).

So how the hell does Locke get off the Island and wind up dead? Did Widmore find him? If so, why would Widmore kill him? And the biggest quandary: if the Island wants Locke back on the Island (along with the Oceanic 6), then why did it let him die? It presumably kept Jack from killing himself. Remember when Michael made multiple attempts to kill himself after he left the Island with Walt, only to have Mr. Friendly show up and talk him into going back to the Island because it wanted him there? The Island kept Michael from dying. Or did it only keep Michael from dying by his own hand? Sayid told Hurley last night that “Bentham” was found dead, having allegedly killed himself, obviously, Sayid believes otherwise. So can the Island only keep you from killing yourself but if someone murders you then you’re on your own? That seems oddly inconvenient.

That being said, last night’s finale felt very much like a series finale rather than a season finale. They are off the Island now. So…now what? Wasn’t getting off the Island the whole point? The castaways on “Gilligan’s Island” never went back to their island (well, actually, I think they did in a much later “reunion” made-for-tv movie, or at least another island). The cast of “Prison Break” didn’t go back to prison after they escaped (oh no, wait…they did). So perhaps the seemingly finality of “escape” need not be so final. Thankfully, since we know there are two more seasons, it’s not. But it still leaves a rather large enigma: what next? Are they really going to fill next season’s episodes with flash forwards of Jack trying to rally Sayid, Sun, Hurley, Kate and Aaron (along with Locke’s corpse) back to the Island (of course come next season, they may not be flash forwards anymore)? A daunting task to say the least, given Kate and Hurley’s already-pronounced objections to doing so. I also say that it had the feel of a series finale because well, frankly, where was the cliffhanger? The Island “disappears” and we find out who is in the coffin along with this desire of the Island to get all the Oceanic 6 back to it, which Ben is assisting in. So, whereas I enjoyed it and am looking forward to next season, I felt a strong suspense was missing from the end of this season’s finale, one that had been so very prevalent in the last three seasons’ finales. But I digress because I still want to find out what the hell is up with that damn four-toed statue!

So we pick up where we left off and finally have confirmation that Jack and Kate’s secret airport meeting happens three years from when they get off the Island. I’m thinking that LOST is going to run in real time from now on, i.e., 2007 off the Island, with flash backs to the last three years, hopefully both on and off the Island. I am very interested in finding out what is happening with the remaining and surviving Losties in the next three years and what leads to Locke’s leaving the Island. What was the “something bad” that happened after Jack and the other 5 left the Island? And was Kate’s dream about Claire telling her not to let Aaron go back to the Island just a dream or was it a warning? Back to Jack and Kate, I think this was my favorite scene in the episode, as Kate slams the brakes on her Volvo as she was speeding away from her argument with Jack only to reverse back at the same speed (for a moment I thought she was going to run him down – how cool would that have been?) and fly out of the car with all the drama of Norma Desmond – I know I’d have much more fun with Sawyer or Keamy but hot damn, Kate! Too bad “Freckles” never found her eye liner or flat iron after the plane crashed, that would definitely have made for more exciting trysts with Sawyer.

We find out who’s in the coffin and that he’s been visiting everyone, including Walt, who comes to see Hurley in Santa Rosa to ask him why neither he nor any of the other “6” have been to visit him and why they are all lying about what happened. Hurley echoes the same reasoning that Jack gave them all originally – to protect those left behind on the Island. “Like my dad?” Walt asks. To which Hurley responds, “Um, yeah,” when he really means, “No, not really, your dad was a very tasty meal for a few schools of fish.” Okay, so when Walt did show up (and delivered his first line(s) since his “visit” to Locke in “Through the Looking Glass”) I expected him to sound like Barry White. I was just waiting for him to respond with “we got to get it together, baby” when Hurley asks him why he’s there but instead we get yet another cute reference to how “big” Walt has gotten. Luckily it is now three years later and (since it has been three years since Malcolm David Kelley has really been on the show) Walt finally looks passable for age-appropriate. What I still don’t understand about the lie is the need to mention that there were 8 survivors of the flight (not including Aaron) who were marooned on the fictitious island of Membata and three of them died, namely, Boone, Libby and Charlie. Why mention that there were other survivors at all? And why choose those three to name as the post-crash dead? I don’t believe that it was simply for purposes of making the story sound credible or that those three people “don’t matter” – there are no coincidences on “LOST,” and everything happens for a reason. I was just disappointed that this wasn’t included in last night’s revelation about the origins of the fabricated story.

Walt isn’t Sayid’s only visitor as he is later paid a visit from his mercenary-for-hire friend, Sayid, who kills a man outside before entering Hurley’s mental institution (did that sound naughty?). Sayid tells Hurley that he has to get him out of there and to “somewhere safe,” explaining that they are all being watched and “Jeremy Bentham” is now dead. Hurley insists that they are not going back to the Island, which Sayid assures him of. However, after Ben’s encounter with Jack at the funeral parlor, I wonder, since Sayid works for Ben now, if that was just telling Hurley what he wants to hear in order to get him to cooperate and come with him (let’s face it, it’s not like Sayid could have tranquilized Hugo and carried him off). So Hurley says goodbye to Mr. Eko (with whom he had apparently been playing chess) and follows Sayid. Now, I don’t recall Mr. Eko and Hurley being all that friendly or having all that much interaction on the Island before his untimely death-by-smoke-monster, so I found it odd that he would come and visit Hurley for a game of postmortem Chess, but I’ll digress as it’s probably unlikely that Charlie’s ghost is very good at the game.

I couldn’t imagine what would have topped Sun’s flash-forward scene from last week where she virtually bitch-slapped her father after taking over control of his company but finding out that Widmore is apparently not the second man (the first being her father, Mr. Paik) that Sun blames for the death of Jin was equally satisfying. In her rendezvous with Widmore in London, she confronts Widmore (now officially the “managing director” of Paik Industries) and after exchanging false pleasantries, tells him that he and she have “common interests,” seeing as how the “6” were not the only people to get off the Island, and that he should call her when he’s ready to talk. Widmore asks her why she wants to help him but Sun doesn’t answer, just walks away teary-eyed, showing that vulnerable girl who got on the plane instead of running away from her husband is still there inside the now very strong Sun we’ve come to know and love. Now the thought has not left me that she may be trying to align herself with Widmore as a way to entrap him, however, after Ben and Jack’s conversation in the funeral parlor when Jack is explaining how difficult it is going to be for him to convince the other 5 to come back to the Island with him, one of the reasons he mentions is that Sun blames him for Jin’s death. I therefore think that Sun has an altogether different and separate agenda from that of the rest of the “6” – i.e., Sayid’s desire to make Widmore pay, Jack’s desire to return home, Hurley’s desire to stay in Santa Rosa away from the numbers and Kate’s desire to be a mom and happy homemaker. I eagerly await the unfolding of this story line.

So the freighter ends up not being quite the safe haven that the Losties were expecting when they eagerly made their way off the Island. As we found out two weeks ago, the boat had more C4 on it than explosives and we finally learned last night that the detonator was a remote heart monitor strapped to Steamy Keamy’s bulging bicep (R.I.P. Keamy). Despite their laborious efforts, Desmond, Jin and Michael are unable to deactivate Keamy’s bomb, although Michael manages to delay the explosion long enough for the important Losties, i.e., Desmond, Jack, Sun, Kate, Hurley Aaron, Sayid and Jin to get back on the helicopter with Frank (note here that none of the other Losties that Farraday ferried onto the freighter were invited onto the helicopter). Oh no, wait, Jin didn’t quite make it. Having only 3 minutes to fuel up with only enough gas to get them back to the Island after they had barely made it to the boat (thanks apparently to Sawyer’s high dive) (I didn’t realize that gas prices had risen to $4 a gallon by that time or certainly they could have filled up a little more, right?), Jin made it out onto the flight deck just in time to see the helicopter fly away (despite Sun’s efforts to get the whirly bird to return for Jin) whilst the chopper had just enough time to fly beyond the reach of the freighter’s explosion (barely), giving us just enough survivors to make a nice round “6”. Yes 6 and only 6 because just as the helicopter was approaching the Island, it disappeared. The helicopter then ran out of gas and crashed into the ocean. The Losties float around on a raft for a while before they spot “The Searcher” (appropriately christened), Penny’s boat. They are rescued and develop their fake story with penny’s assistance. What happens to Penny, Desmond and Frank after the Oceanic 6 climb into a boat and sail for Sumba? If the “6” need to lie in order to protect the others who remained on the Island, then whom are they being protected from? If it’s supposedly Widmore, then what sort of jeopardy does that put Desmond in now that he is once again shacking up with Charles’ daughter? I can’t wait to find out.

Side bar: Thank gawd that Sawyer jumped out of the helicopter because OMFG, how f**king HOTT was it seeing him swim up on shore in nothing but his wet jeans? That deserves another “OMFG!”. That’s like the opening of a great porn scene right there. Oh what I wouldn’t have given to have been Elizabeth Mitchell when that scene was filmed. You know they had to have done it quite a few times (no doubt because Elizabeth kept flubbing up her lines – intentionally or by being flustered – hell, I would have). Thank you, Carlmon!

So Daniel managed to get at least 12 people off the Island (including Sun, Jin and Aaron). Of those, at least 10 were still on the freighter when it exploded. There were at least 6 more in the zodiac when the Island disappeared or “moved” and we don’t see Daniel and those 6 people thereafter. Could they have been still close enough to the Island that it took them with it when it “moved?” Moved because of Ben’s super strength – I’m sorry, but I had a hard time buying Ben’s ability to move that big frozen wheel, especially after he fell down the stairs and cut his arm, tearing his jacket, which, by the way, puts him in the exact condition that we found him in when he woke up in the Sahara Desert in The Shape of Things to Come. By the way, since Ben mentioned that he who moves the Island must leave and never return to it, did the Island propel Ben to the Sahara Desert during it’s “move”?? That must be how he ended up there because we know he couldn’t have used the giant “microwave” or “vault” that he had just blown up in the Orchid substation and because the wound on his arm was still fresh.

So the Island moves and Ben gets banished to the Sahara but not before Ben kills Steamy Keamy (having already been presumed dead after his encounter with Sayid and Richard Alpert following the ambush of Keamy’s men by the Others who killed them all to rescue Ben, for which they agreed to let Kate and Sayid go in exchange for their assistance in doing so, thus putting them on the leaky helicopter back to the exploding boat) even after Keamy told him that the device on his arm was a heart rate monitor that would activate a large bomb on the freighter in the event that his heart stopped beating. Keamy dies after Ben stabs him multiple times in the neck and the freighter blows up moments later (now, shouldn’t the freighter actually have blown up a day or so beforehand? Since, you know, the Island is allegedly operating in its own time zone, which is apparently much slower than time off the Island? Thoughts?) See now, I don’t understand where Ben tries to get off as if he is some kind of a “good guy.” He has never proven himself to be anything but the contrary and this incident is just another blatant example. Even after Locke forces him to see the gravity of his deed, Ben shies it away with his “So?”. If not Jack, then I certainly hope that the other person Sun blames for the death of her husband is Ben because he’s really the responsible one. Given her encounter with Widmore in London, I can’t help but wonder if this is part of her agenda, to align herself with Widmore in an attempt to find and bring down Ben. But I’ve slipped off track again…

Ben and Locke finally make it to the Orchid Station beneath the Orchid Station where, after Locke asks if this is “the magic box,” to which Ben responds with an absurd look on his face, “No,” (which I found hilarious) Ben sits Locke down in front of a television with the orientation video for the Orchid Station. Dr. Edgar Halliwax appears onscreen holding a bunny marked “15” and explains that one of the Island’s unique properties is the Casimir Effect and that the Orchid Station contains a “vault,” which is a chamber that somehow is able to harness or control this Casimir Effect in such a way that it allows those inside of it (organic matter only, apparently) to defy every law of physics, science, possibility or common sense and be transported through time. (For those of you unfamiliar with the Casimir Effect: In physics, the Casimir effect and the Casimir-Polder force are physical forces arising from a quantized field. The typical example is of two uncharged metallic plates in a vacuum, placed a few micrometers apart, without any external electromagnetic field. In a classical description, the lack of an external field also means that there is no field between the plates, and no force would be measured between them. For more, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casimir_effect). How this explains some ability to send people/things through time, I suppose lies only in the heads of Carlton and Damon. I was just disappointed that the show suddenly got so elementary. I mean, a time machine…really? Now that it’s blown up, I hope that they step up their game come Season 5. In any event, time machine or not, Ben through metal into it (as Ben was listening to Halliwax specifically say not to – the look on Locke’s face: priceless!) and turned it on, which caused a very similar result to when at 10 years old, my brother re-heated mashed potatos in the same stainless steel cookware my mother had made them in our new microwave – except our exploding microwave didn’t blow a hole through the kitchen wall. Even if it had, I don’t think it would have led to an underground freezing-cold cave with a huge wheel that would make my house disappear (if I’m wrong I’m sure my father would have broken it by now anyway).

On to Charlotte. After Daniel returns from dropping off his first load of Losties on the liner looming off the shore, he tracks down Miles and Charlotte and insists that they have to come with him now, on this next run or they may not make it off the Island. Miles refuses to go, citing no real reason. Charlotte prepares to leave with Daniel but not before Miles expresses his surprise at her desire to do so. He asks her why she would want to leave after after “all that time (she) spent trying to get back (there).” She feigns confusion and asks what Miles means by that but Miles is elusive, responding only with, “Hmmm, what do I mean?” and walks away. Obviously this conversation with Miles impresses upon Charlotte as she soon changes her mind and tells Daniel that she is going to stay, at least “for now.” Daniel urges her to come with him and insists that “for now” could be “forever,” but she only reasons that she is still looking for where (she) was born.” Which confuses not only us but Daniel as well. So…thoughts? Charlotte was on the Island before? Could she have been part of Dharma? Was she born on the Island? How did she get on the Island and how did she get off? She probably wasn’t an Other as Ben didn’t know her except by the dossier that Michael provided him with. I’m thinking that she was recruited by Dharma, much in the same way Ben’s dad was or perhaps how Juliet was, and then left the Island to pursue experiments elsewhere. Meanwhile, the “incident” happens and Charlotte is unable to get back to the Island, now under the control of Ben and the Others. I guess we’ll have to wait until February 2009.

That being said, it is with great sorrow that I bring 2008’s last issue of Ricky’s “LOST” Weekly to a close. After a very interesting season for television in the wake of the writers’ extended vacation, I am happy that “LOST” was able to recover and finish out a full season. I can only imagine how it may have suffered had the writers stayed on their couches much longer. I think this season was definitely a climactic one certainly when compared to 2 and 3 and look forward with great anticipation to how Carlmon wraps this all up come May 2010, which seems so…so…so long to wait. Thank you all for reading, I hope you have enjoyed this volume of my spiels. Now discuss and tawlk amongst yourselves until next year (really, only about 7 months away) when “LOST” will hopefully return on a better night and time – perhaps their old one on Wednesday evenings at 9:00 PM – those were the good old days, but I digress.

Ciao for now…

P.S. This is the website for the “commercial” in the middle of “LOST” last night: http://www.octagonglobalrecruiting.com/. It’s just a form to fill out to receive more information, probably about ComicCon, since those are the same dates.


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